Online Master's in Health Communication Curriculum

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Online Master of Arts in Health Communication

Students in Hawai‘i Pacific University’s online Master of Arts in Health Communication program benefit from a relevant, expert-led curriculum delivered in a supportive and inclusive online learning environment.

This interdisciplinary program, housed within the College of Liberal Arts, combines communication and public health so that graduates have a deep understanding of both fields and the ability to apply their skills in various health care settings.

Additionally, graduates earn a Foundations of Health Communication Professional Micro-Credential during their master’s program.

Master of Arts in Health Communication Curriculum

COM 6000

Communication Theory

3 Credits

PH 6220

Health Behavior Change Theory

3 Credits

COM 6310

International Communication

3 Credits

PH 6250

Contemporary Issues in Public Health

3 Credits

COM 6200

Organizational Communication Management

3 Credits

COM 6305

Health Crisis Communication

3 Credits

PH 6460

Public Health Program Planning

3 Credits

PH 6600

Public Health Communication and Marketing

3 Credits

PH 6610

Public Health Media Advocacy

3 Credits

HCOM 7000

Capstone in Health Communication

3 Credits