Online MSN to DNP Curriculum

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MSN to DNP Curriculum

Students in Hawai‘i Pacific University’s online MSN to DNP program are required to complete the following eight courses along with a doctoral project. Students may transfer up to 12 eligible credits from another college or university into HPU’s online MSN-DNP program.

30 total credits

$1,025 per credit hour

$30,750 total tuition

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NUR 8000

Evidence Based Practice for Advanced Nursing

3 Credits

NUR 8010

Leadership and Systems Management

3 Credits

NUR 8020

Informatics and Technology for Advanced Practice

3 Credits

NUR 8030

Optimizing Quality in Health Care Systems

3 Credits

NUR 8040

Business and Finance Essentials for the DNP

3 Credits

NUR 8050

Development and Implementation of Health Care Policy

3 Credits

NUR 8080

Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice

3 Credits

NUR 9010

Doctoral Project I: Development

3 Credits

NUR 9020

Doctoral Project II: Implementation

3 Credits

NUR 9030

Doctoral Project III: Data Analysis and Dissemination

3 Credits